Superman Is Not Great at Leisure Time in This Cute Parody

Superman on his work hours.
Superman on his work hours.
Image: CW

Taking a day off is an important part of self care. Doing things you’re behind on, pursuing your hobbies, getting a little extra sleep. Everyone needs that. If you can’t take care of yourself, you’ll struggle to support others. Even Superman needs a break.


In a recent sketch by Studio C, Clark Kent is, unfortunately, incredibly bad at navigating the demands of self care. As a routine bank visit goes wrong, and things grow increasingly surreal, Clark has to figure out how to take care of himself and the world around him. And it goes, uh, pretty badly.

The sketch is a deconstruction of the formulaic superhero premise of “crime goes down while hero is in their secret identity,” and it goes about as well as you imagine in a more comedic context. Clark is paralyzed with indecision, his disguise is about as compelling here as it would be in real life, and the Jimmy Olsen stand-in is kind of a jerk. It’s a fun watch.

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