Superman Has An Identity Crisis In DC's New Post-Convergence Previews

There’s big changes coming to the world of DC as the New 52 era finally comes to a close. Last week we got a glimpse of what was to come with the new, heavily armored Batman, and now 10 more preview comics have been released, teasing the futures of Superman, Aquaman’s new costume and more.


Like the last batch, the new previews mix theheavy hitters like Action Comics and Aquaman with the more out-there new titles like Bat-Mite and Doctor Fate. Aquaman in particular is of interest because, just as most of the Justice League before him have gone through wardrobe changes, it débuts a new costume for the hero:

The armored look and longer hair for Aquaman would just need a few tribal tattoo to bear a passing resemblance to Jason Momoa’s Batman v. Superman Aquaman look, but at least this one keeps some of the classic colors from the waist down.

But perhaps most interesting is what happens in the preview of Action Comics, which sees Superman return to the Fortress of Solitude (perhaps due to recent events in Metropolis with Lois Lane), only to find himself rather unwelcome:


Oh dear, poor Superman. The infinite crisis has turned into an identity crisis.

Here’s the full line-up of available previews — you can click through each link to read them:

[DC Comics]


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