Superman Finally Kicks Lex Luthor To The Curb?

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Can you have a quality Superman movie without the bald villainous Lex Luthor? Warner Brothers certainly thinks so, and they're rumored to be hunting down nemesis replacement.


Latino Review is reporting that Warner Brothers executives are searching for a Lex Luthor-replacement to give the old franchise some new spice. They've been checking out scripts that feature a different supervillain from Superman's Rogues Gallery.

But don't get your Superman jammies in a twist — the studio still may keep Luthor in a smaller, more minor role in the new film, which I think would be pretty difficult if they continued to use Kevin Spacey.


So who do think it will be? My supes sense says most likely Braniac or Doomsday. It would be pretty spectacular to see more General Zod, but it has been done. Dark horse candidates include the Toyman and Mongul. Best of luck, WB — the world is in desperate need of a quality Superman film, so let's hope the villain switcheroo works.

[Latino Review]

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I read an article somewhere that Superman should go unabashedly sci-fi. That way we can get something powerful, gritty and mind-expanding without having to give up the moral aspects of the Boy Scout's personality. Me likey.

That being said, there's only one way to go. DARKSEID.