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Superman battles the Hulk in this fan-made CG grudge match

Who would win in a fight between Superman and the Hulk? Perhaps the answer to that question is less interesting than how the fight would play out. Fortunately, amateur animator Michael Habjan has put the superstrong characters on the same playing field so we can watch them duke it out.

Habjan is learning animation by creating these fanvid fight sequences, pitting a Christopher Reeves Superman against the radiation-spawned rage giant. The meeting video and part one of the fight have been hanging around for a while, but Habjan has only just finished the second part of his superpowered battle. Each video gets a little better in terms of visual effects — and it's impressive that, save the audio in the last video, Habjan has done these alone.

And while Superman may not be taking advantage of his more god-like abilities, but it's still fun to watch him slug the Hulk and vice versa. The project isn't finished — Habjan says we can expect the third part of the fight soon — so we'll have to wait a bit longer to see where he comes out on the question of who would win.


[via Geeks are Sexy]

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Lex Luthor II

to anyone saying the Hulk wins.... well I love you, but that's just not even close.

We realize how fast Superman is right? Time basically stops, thats how good his reflexes are. The Hulk is never shown to have superhuman speed, at least to the level he'd need to be to hit Superman more than once. The Flash can barely hit Superman, let alone this big lumbering slow giant.

Its not even close.

likewise with THOR, so... THOR is several times faster than the Hulk, just like Superman. But that really doesnt matter, because those 2, Supes and THOR, have flight and ranged abilities that make it an unfair fight. "realistically"

Superman can merely float 100 feet in the air zapping at him, and if he ever gets in trouble, fly up into the upper-atmosphere and recharge. and ESPECIALLY THOR, in a ranged battle, the Hulk would be destroyed without ever being able to land a punch on THOR, or Superman if he's smart.

and Hulk isnt infinitely powerful, you can only get SO angry, whereas THOR is limitless [and if he goes into Warrior Madness mode its over so quick its boring], and so could Superman be, considering he could constantly recharge if need be by simply hovering in the sky where the Hulk has to just watch.

Superman > Hulk, not even close.

THOR > Hulk, 'even more' not even close.

Hulk is strong, but lacks sooooo much compared to the powers of Superman and THOR, it really isnt fair.

[but of course the writers always write it to not piss off fans of EITHER character in these fights, so its always "close" and the victor never really uses his power to it fullest. Its all about selling books. hell, even Batman beat the Hulk in the comics, so yeah its like uhh wut?]


'Final Analysis from legendary Hulk comics writer Peter David

We asked him who wins, he answered: "Probably Thor, because he's a god, and that's got to count for something." PAD'


a good lil page about this, showing both sides ^^^

gods im a nerd.