Who would win in a fight between Superman and the Hulk? Perhaps the answer to that question is less interesting than how the fight would play out. Fortunately, amateur animator Michael Habjan has put the superstrong characters on the same playing field so we can watch them duke it out.

Habjan is learning animation by creating these fanvid fight sequences, pitting a Christopher Reeves Superman against the radiation-spawned rage giant. The meeting video and part one of the fight have been hanging around for a while, but Habjan has only just finished the second part of his superpowered battle. Each video gets a little better in terms of visual effects — and it's impressive that, save the audio in the last video, Habjan has done these alone.

And while Superman may not be taking advantage of his more god-like abilities, but it's still fun to watch him slug the Hulk and vice versa. The project isn't finished — Habjan says we can expect the third part of the fight soon — so we'll have to wait a bit longer to see where he comes out on the question of who would win.


[via Geeks are Sexy]


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