Superman, Batman Face Their Mortality And Morality In Final Crisis

Marvel's Secret Invasion may be the comic book getting all the press right now, but DC's Final Crisis is truly the big idea event comic of the year. At least, if the latest interview with writer Grant Morrison is anything to go by. A seven-part series involving all of the DC Universe and detailing what happens when the good guys lose, Morrison is promising things fan have never seen before when the series begins in May.

Despite spinning out of his Seven Soldiers series of books, Morrison wants readers to know that you don't need to know anything about what's come before when you pick up the first issue:

I like to write things so you don't have to read anything extra... Obviously, it sells more books for me, so yes, everyone should go out and buy 'Seven Soldiers.' Particularly 'Mister Miracle,' which was the most hated of the 'Seven Soldiers' books and sold least. Stuff like that has little clues in it, but honestly, you don't have to read anything else. 'Final Crisis' is like picking up a book. It's like you're picking up any science fiction book or a fantasy book and starting from page 1. Everything you need to know about the characters will be in the book.


And what threats will heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman (who, Morrison promises, "isn't coming back from it. Batman, as we know him, is not coming back from it.") be facing? Only the end of the world:

What would it really be like if bad gods turned up on Earth? Because as this story opens, the war between Good and Evil has been won by the wrong side and Evil is now in control of the DC Universe. And then we see what happens next as a result of that...The Gods are here to destroy everything that we hold dear, everything that has meaning to us, everything that has value for us. They want to utterly crush the human species and reduce us all to slavery and that's as big a threat as it gets. We wanted to do a primal superhero myth that would pit absolute evil against pure good in a way you don't see much of in comics these days so it's the story of the DC universe facing its apocalypse and only Darkseid could cut it as the main villain.

It's always good to aim small in your writing, isn't it? And if that's not enough to make you curious enough to try out the series, then this has to be:

If you've got a favorite character, I am sure he's in it. Supergirl and Mary Marvel are in it. They have a big climatic battle to decide how femininity should be portrayed in superhero comics!


I'll put you down for two, shall I...?

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