Witness possibly the cheesiest superheroic sex scene of all time — in the original Black Scorpion film, the Scorpion surprises the cop whom she's been having sexual tension with for most of the film, and takes advantage of him. NSFW!

Possibly the worst pick-up line ever: "Like the scorpion said to the frog, can I take a ride on your back?" It's just wrong for so many reasons. Like, she's telling him he's a frog. Plus he's going to be all confused that she's not actually riding on his back. And so on. And then when she's done with him, kzzzzzap! A blast with her zappy scorpion ring.

We already featured a clip from Black Scorpion 2 a while back, but the original stands on its own as an example of Roger Corman at his zaniest. In the original, Black Scorpion is a cop who loses her badge after she assaults the district attorney (who's secretly a supervillain.) The cop she's boinking in this scene is her ex-partner, who she has the hots for — but he only has eyes for Black Scorpion, because he secretly likes aggressive women. Or something.


I was trying to find a work-safe scene from this film, but eventually gave up, because it was apparently made for late-night Showtime or something and literally every great scene has nudity in it. Plus the above scene is by far the best moment in the film, especially with the whole "you're a frog, let's have sex" thing.


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