In a world where some celebrities happen to be superheroes, what do the advertisements look like? These artists come up with print ads and commercials that match comic book characters with real products.

This past week's The Line It Is Drawn art challenge at Comics Should Be Good invited artists to come up with superhero ads. Xum Yukinori drew Aquaman endorsing Mrs. Paul's Fish Sticks—and added Galvatron promoting Coca Cola for good measure.


Axel Medellin has a cheeky take on Power Girl using her assets in a Wonderbra ad:

And getting into the less superheroic, Sam Machado replaces the Aflac Duck with Howard the Duck, and Howard is none too pleased:


Head over to The Line It Is Drawn to see Captain America in his very own Charles Atlas ad, Professor Xavier shilling for Gillette, and Thor endorsing Craftsman hammers.

The Line it is Drawn #206 – Superheroes Doing Commercials! [Comics Should Be Good]