Form of a San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive! Shape of a nostalgia trip! Just last week, I was wondering what'd happened to the Wonder Twins, and now Mattel have give me the answer... including Gleek's bucket!

Yes, the Wonder Twins are back with this San Diego Comic-Con-only toy set including Zan, Jayna, Gleek and accompanying Zan in form of water and Jayna in shape of a giant eagle (Zan and Jayna will be available from Mattel's website after the show, but you won't be able to get that damn monkey anywhere else). While we're happy to see the creepy twins return - well, slightly happy, at least - we're not sure how we feel about their new look. Were they always so... buff?


Mattel Announces SDCC09 Exclusives [Action Figure Insider]

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