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X-Men: Apocalypse could add a lot more Wolverine. Get a look at the heroes of the Warcraft movie. Jessica Jones’ entire first season gets some teasing descriptions. Plus, new looks at this week’s Doctor Who and iZombie, a bizarre theory about Game of Thrones’ delay, and a new Hunger Games clip. Behold, Spoilers!

Doctor Strange

Michael Stuhlbarg has allegedly been case as Doctor Nicodemus West. In the comics, West was the Doctor who attempted to operate on Stephen Strange’s hands following his accident—and eventually accompanied Strange to Tibet to learn the mystic arts (but gave up, leaving Stephen to continue on his own). [/Film]


X-Men: Apocalypse

The film has allegedly gone back to reshoot scenes in Montreal—but this time, the production is joined by a particular actor: Hugh Jackman, reprising his role as Wolverine. Jackman was already involved with the film in some capacity, but his return for reshoots might indicate that Wolverine’s presence in the film may be getting increased (perhaps to get as much out of the character as possible, before his purportedly final appearance in Wolverine 3). [/Film]

Bryan Singer took to Instagram to reveal that a teaser trailer for the film is on its way soon:



A new poster featuring the main characters Durotan and Anduin Lothar has been released:


Meanwhile, Director Duncan Jones tweeted that the first publicly released trailer for the film will make its debut on Friday, during the keynote speech for Blizzcon, Blizzard Entertainment’s own fan convention.


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

Katniss vows to kill Snow in a new clip from the film.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Here’s an international version of the recently revealed poster, with added German, and fewer characters. [Coming Soon]


Iron Fist/The Punisher

Ever since rumors began earlier this year, people have been discussing the chances of Iron Fist’s Netflix series actually happening. A new rumor from Peel the Orange adds a twist to the often-rumored cancellation of the series because of difficulty in adapting Danny Rand’s mystic kung fu adventures.


Rumor has it, Marvel is indeed scrapping Iron Fist as a Netflix show... and instead using the service to create an Iron Fist movie. The Punisher, played by Jon Bernthal in Daredevil season 2, could fill Iron Fist’s place in the four-series deal, and eventually become the fourth Defender in a crossover with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage.

As ever with unsourced rumors like this, take it all with a pinch of salt.

Jessica Jones

Speaking of Marvel and Netflix, the streaming service accidentally released synopses and titles for every episode in the show’s first series, including a description that could hint at the appearance of Daredevil/Matt Murdock in the show’s 10th episode:

AKA Ladies Night : Jessica Jones is hired to find a pretty NYU student who’’s vanished, but it turns out to be more than a simple missing persons case.

AKA Crush Syndrome: Jessica vows to prove Hope’s innocence, even though it means tracking down a terrifying figure from her own past.

AKA It’s Called Whiskey: It won’t be easy to acquire or deploy. but Jessica thinks she’s found a weapon to use against Kilgrave. Luke and Jessica bond over their similarities.

AKA: 99 Friends : A new case demands attention as Jessica tries to find out who’s spying on her for Kilgrave. Trish’s radio show yields unexpected consequences.

AKA The Sandwich Saved Me : Despite Jessica’s objections, Trish’s new friend Simpson gets involved in the hunt for Kilgrave. Jessica recalls a pivotal moment in her life.

AKA You’re a Winner: Luke hires Jessica to help him find someone who may have skipped town, but she fears he’ll learn too much about her history in the process.

AKA Top Shelf Perverts: Malcom, Simpson and Trish go rouge to prevent Jessica from carrying out an extreme plan to outwit Kilgrave.

AKA WWJD: Jessica experiences a strange homecoming courtesy of Kilgrave. Hogarth’s conflict with her estranged wife reaches a tipping point.

AKA Sin Bin: Just when Jessica has Kilgrave right where she want’s him. Hogarth’s involvement complicates the situation. Details of Kilgrave’s past emerge.

AKA 1,000 Cuts : A discovery has the potential to change the entire game — if Jessica can refuse Kilgrave’s offer.

AKA I’ve Got The Blues: Jessica searches morgues for clues. Trish goes all out to keep Simpson from getting in Jessica’s way. Malcom has an epiphany.

AKA Take a Bloody Number: The hunt for Kilgrave reunites Jessica with Luke. Trish receives some unexpected information about Simpson and Jessica.

AKA Smile: Jessica and Luke get help from someone else in the neighborhood. Kilgrave gears up for a major test of powers against Jessica.



Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a show so laden with speculation and fan theories that even the thought of the series being delayed has prompted rumors. Film School Rejects claims that the recent news that the show’s sixth season won’t air until at least late April is because the show, which will feature a major storyline about the resurrection of Jon Snow, will save that “reveal” for the upcoming sixth novel in the A Song of Ice and Fire saga, The Winds of Winter. Thus, the episodes featuring Jon Snow’s return will only air after the book releases. Considering there’s still no solid date on the book’s arrival, this theory is perhaps extremely unlikely.


The Walking Dead

Greg Nicotero says the second half of the season will feature some “Tribute Zombies” as an homage to Zombie movies of the past:

There is a couple in the back half. You know what’s ironic, I had an awesome walker cameo that we put in a scene in episode six but in the editing process the scene was removed so the tribute walker got cut out. I’m still gonna do it at some point but I feel like after the fact, I missed a great opportunity. Because of the black and white in 6x01, I would’ve had a perfect opportunity to do a Night of the Living Dead homage and actually shoot a zombie in black and white and make it look like a scene from Night of the Living Dead. I kind of missed the boat a little bit there because I hadn’t anticipated that opportunity was gonna be there but there’s some great tribute walkers coming up for sure.

There could be a little Tarman Return of the Living Dead, there could be another Dawn of the Dead... I put them in because I love doing them for us. You do thousands of make-ups and to have an opportunity to recreate a make-up or a character that you just loved, that inspired you, it’s sort of my nerd-version of paying back.


[Comic Book]


Justice Leak briefly discusses playing the alien villain Hellgrammite on the show:

Did I know much about the character? Are you joking me? Hellgrammite, I didn’t even know how to say the name, let alone know about it. But i love doing research, so after reading up on my Hellgrammite, I got to really love the character. I’ve been lucky enough to audition for a handful of villains in the D.C. Universe through The Flash. That’s how I got to know Greg Berlanti. Every time I had the opportunity to audition for one of these guys, I mean, it’s like, you’re a kid. The opportunity to play a villain, I always thought I’d want to be the hero, but it’s kind of this, it’s been this great sort of twist of fate.


[Comic Book]


Tommy Flanagan has joined the cast of the show as a mysterious criminal called “The Knife”—who, in a rare move for Gotham casting recently, has no actual counterpart in the DC comics universe. [CBR]


Doctor Who

Here’s some teasing quotes from “The Zygon Inversion”:

You are going to be the first, the first to make the humans see.

What’s wrong with Pointless?

Don’t look at my browser history!

This is us being blown up with a big bazooka!

The first thing I’d do if I wanted to invade the world would be to kill you.

You’ve gone quiet because I mentioned Clara.

More at the link. [Blogtor Who]

The BBC have also released some pictures from the episode—you can find more at the link. [Blogtor Who]



Clive’s new co-worker distracts him from his latest case in a new clip from “Love & Basketball”.

Into The Badlands

Finally, Emily Beecham’s Widow gets in an elaborate fight in a new clip from the series.


Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders. Image: Daredevil.


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