Superglue + Leather + Scrap Metal = Your Very Own Time Machine

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The internet has changed the world in many ways, from making it easier to find pornography to making it easier for teenage girls to pose on social networking sites for those who haven't worked out how to find pornography yet. But did you ever expect that it would be somewhere that you would turn to to find instructions on how to build your very own time machine? Your latest craft project awaits you under the jump.


Over on, a site dedicated to giving you all manner of "How To" instructions that you will probably never need at any point in your life (Although, I admit, Make your own wearable arc generator and be cooler than Tony Stark does sound kind of cool), user Gmjhowe demonstrates not only a lack of grasp on reality and admirable DIY aesthetic, but also a problem with spelling:

Well lets put it this way, ive always had this thing about traveling through time, and having a time machine. So i set about making one, i decided that instead of being a vessel to travel in, i would rather have something portable.

Many hours thinking i came to a conclusion. If im going to be traveling through time, the actual time machine would have to be timeless (not out of place in the past, present day, or the future)

So eventually i decided to make something that resembled a time piece, mixed with an old compass, and various other inspirations, some from various steam punk items.

However i did not want to make something that was steam punk, as i personally find alot of steam punk to be a bit over comic like, and a bit to fantastical.

In ten relatively easy steps, he (?) then goes on to show you how to build your own replica timepiece, but cautions to make sure that you use it properly:

Enjoy responsibly, and don't go killing your ancestors. (unless you happen to have built in a parrelex distorter)

Just wait a few weeks, and there'll probably be a guide on how to build one of those, as well.

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I once saw a picture of a sign on the internet that said "Time Traveller's Club: Meet here last Thursday." I got a kick out of that.