Supergirl's Move to CW Could Mean Losing Calista Flockhart as a Regular

Image: Cliff Lipson/CBS

The CW giveth and the CW taketh away: when Supergirl moves its production from Los Angeles to Vancouver, Calista Flockhart may not be moving up there with them. Any episode without Cat Grant is automatically going to be one of lesser ones.

CW president Mark Pedowitz told reporters that discussions with Flockhart are still “ongoing,” so there’s no deal officially done yet and there’s still a chance nothing could change. But he then added, “We’re happy to have her in whatever capacity is worked out.”


That sounds very much like what’s being worked out is how many episodes Flockhart will do, not securing a deal to keep her on as a regular. Given that Flockhart is based in Los Angeles, it was always going to take some negotiation to get her to move out to Vancouver for the entire filming process. At this point, we’re going to be hoping that the deal has Cat in as many episodes as possible, but we’re not holding our breath for her to be as involved as she was in season one.

The consolation is that not having Cat Grant marching around being the best thing in every episode is practically the only bad thing about the move, and in lieu of Cat we’re getting more giant crossovers. Could definitely worse.


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