Supergirl's Luthor Family Will Finally Reveal Its Loathsome Lex This Season

Lex, on the cover of Action Comics #890.
Lex, on the cover of Action Comics #890.
Image: David Finch and Peter Steigerwald (DC Comics)

We’ve had Lena, we’ve had Lillian. Now it’s time for Kara to face up to one of her cousin’s biggest rivals. Supergirl’s fourth season is bringing in the big guns. The big, bald guns specifically.


Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that the currently-airing season will mark Lex Luthor’s debut in the DC/CW universe. This is after a few years of teasing on behalf of Supergirl’s dealings with LexCorp and Cadmus, thanks to Lillian Luthor and her adoptive daughter Lena. According to the site, casting has only recently begun—so scratch off an appearance in the upcoming three-show crossover Elseworlds—and Lex will not be a one-off character, but a recurring figure in the show going forward.

This means there’s gonna be a ton of family drama inbound, beyond the fact that in the DC/CW universe, Lex used to be close friends with Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman before turning villainous. After all, Lex did try to have Lena assassinated in season two after she took over LexCorp and rebranded it to L-Corp while he was incarcerated. So whenever Lex does show up, presumably nearer the end of season four, shit’s gonna hit the fan. Maybe even a few cakes will be stolen. Perhaps 40? That’d be terrible of him!


We’ll bring you more on the CW’s plans for Supergirl’s Luthor family when we learn them. Anyone you can see playing Lex? Gizmodo’s own super-fan Alex Cranz is rooting for a Michael Rosenbaum re-up.

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