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Sure, you’d think she’s dress as Supergirl for the occasion, but I guess Supergirl’s cape would’ve been a hazard while running an obstacle course like this. That said, her choice of DC superhero does not get in the way of Jessie Graff absolutely destroying this obstacle course like it was a walk in a National City park.


Graff, whose career as a stuntwoman includes Supergirl, Agents of SHIELD, Transformers, Iron Man 2, and many more, became the first woman to best American Ninja Warrior’s new obstacle course during the recent season eight premiere—impressive enough, considering her previous track record on the show included her being the woman who made it the farthest in the competition in the previous season. But this was made doubly impressive by the fact that she completely nailed this challenge while also dressed as Wonder Woman to boot. Gauntlets and everything!

Who knows, now that she’s progressed to the next stage of the competition, Graff might swap the Wonder Woman cosplay for something Supergirl-themed (she should still probably skip the cape, though). Either way, it’s pretty badass to see her bringing these superheroes to life while performing her own phenomenal feats of strength and skill.



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