Supergirl Is Faster Than Superman in the First Season Two Supergirl Clip

It’s finally here! Just two weeks before the October 10 premiere, we have our first actual clip of Supergirl and Superman in action.


Naturally our first clip of the Supersquad involves the cousins teaming up to save a space shuttle on a collision course with middle America. Despite leaving later, Kara’s still first on the scene—which is a nice nod to James Olsen’s comment last year about her being faster than Superman.

Besides being the first footage of the two of them interacting in costume this is also our first look at Tyler Hoechlin’s Clark Kent—who is a damn fine super dork that says stuff like lickety-split.


Can it be October 10 yet?

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My only problem with this clip is the ludicrous amount of inconsistency in Supergirl’s powers...which to be fair, is pretty comic accurate. Didn’t she just lift an entire space station, 100 times larger than this shuttle, from the Earth’s surface into space? In normal people terms, it would be like saying it is harder to catch a baseball (because of the baseball’s weight) than it would be to lift a bag of cement. I have no problem with the Superpeople teaming up because there are multiple things to be done at once, but Supergirl should be able catch that shuttle using only one arm.