Supergirl Had the Best 'Be My Girlfriend or I'll Become a Supervillain' Speech

Last night’s Supergirl was all about making the lovestruck nerd Winn into a sympathetic character, by showing us his psycho supervillain dad. And it worked… until Winn tried to use Supergirl’s sympathy to steal a kiss. And then he gave this weird speech.


Seriously. WTF? The gist of Winn’s speech is, “My dad became a supervillain because he bottled up his feelings about the toy company that stole his designs. And I’m worried I’m going to turn into him. So I can’t afford to keep my romantic feelings for you, my friend and coworker, to myself. In fact, if you don’t go out with me and I become a supervillain who uses crappy toys to blow up small children, that will be YOUR FAULT.”

I think the attempt to make us love Winn was a misfire, somehow.

Meanwhile, Lucy Lane gets a job at CatCo and James Olsen is threatened, but pretends it’s just because he really wants to be a photographer instead of an art director. (Umm… sure.) And Kara pressures the Martian Manhunter into using his superpowers to spy on Max Lord, and it goes badly—because J’onn has no control over his mental powers, but this is somehow Kara’s fault. Also, Max now knows about Supergirl and Alex being sisters. Whoa!


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Winn is officially The Worstest. Now, if they didn’t try to score sympathy points for him and just present him for what he is - an entitled pissbaby and Nice Guy (TM), he’d be a great character. Alas, he’s the proof that the writers of Supergirl think that the show is going to be feminist (TM) if in every episode a woman asks “is it because I’m a girl?” and strikes a power pose, and not if they tackle the awful and dangerous tropes so prelevent in modern fiction. I don't think I can watch it anymore.

PS. Anyone else thought that Winn was going to be revealed as some super advanced toy/robot?