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Supergirl And Wash Join Up With The Alien Visitors In V

Good news for Whedon fans: another Firefly cast member has reportedly been cast in the miniseries reboot of V. Rumor has it the adorable (and versatile) Alan Tudyk has been cast as an FBI agent in the new aliens series, which is fine by me because I prefer all my genre shows with a little Tudyk. Also Laura Vandervoort, previously the short skirt wearin' Supergirl from Smallville, has been cast as seductress alien Lisa, who's a guide on a L.A. mothership. [Visitor Site]


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Kevin Jones

I'm curious about this relaunch, even if it only turns out to be a lesson on how not to do a relaunch.

Oh, wait, the example has already been set by Knight Rider, The Bionic Woman, ....