Supercut shows how space helmets have changed over the past 80 years of movies

Check out a supercut that brings together space helmets from a ton of movies, from 1929's Woman in the Moon to some recent stuff. Keith Melton created this awesome video in response to Mark Frauenfelder's collection of photos of space helmets over at BoingBoing, and the results are pretty fascinating. Which do you prefer: bubble helmets, or visor helmets? [via The Verge]


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I was gonna say I can name almost every movie in the montage. A bit disapoint on the duplicates, but pretty awesome none the less. Fun to see the influence of the space program, and 2001, and Alien on things. One thing...Apollo 13, does that count since those are more or less EXACT REPLICAS of suits ACTUALLY WORN IN FRAKKING SPACE?

Oh and no BSG...suckas...