Supercut Of Every Time Someone Said 'Some Kind Of' on Star Trek: Voyager Is Some Kind of Brilliant

The crew of a Federation starship sees a lot of weird shit while they’re boldly going—the crew of Voyager more so, given their time flung across the other side of the galaxy in the Delta Quadrant. That makes describing new phenomena difficult, but as this supercut shows, they found some kind of way to talk about it.


YouTuber JogWheel’s supercut isn’t new, but it’s downright wonderful—collecting every single time someone described something on Voyager as “Some kind of...” or “Some sort of...”, a collection so vast and and a phrase so often repeated it manages to fill 10 minutes’ worth of supercut. At some point it almost becomes rhythmic, a weird verbal tic the entire cast of Voyager developed. About four minutes in the first time I watched it, the words “some kind of” lost all sense of linguistic meaning to me, but it’s worth checking out just for the specificity of its weirdness.

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I’ve been strongly considering going back and rewatching ‘Voyager’ all the way through. Thank you for posting this to remind me why that’s a terrible idea.