This might be the most elaborate movie supercut in the history of the internet. It's 10 minutes of pure concentrated movie magic. Watch now.

Inspired by Steven Jay Schneider's 1,001 Movies to See Before You Die series, this video took creator Jonathan Keogh one year to complete. On his Youtube page, he confesses that this video actually has 215 extra titles. And that "it was important to start with a film projector because film itself is becoming/already is a thing of the past." Well done, sir.


We've watched it twice and already picked out a few favorite moments:

  • The Psycho line "we all go a little mad sometimes," synched up with the Scream delivery.
  • Same with Prometheus' David quoting Lawrence of Arabia.
  • 2.39 Philip Seymour Hoffman's "Shut Up" tirade from Punch Drunk Love.
  • 3.10 James Bond Title Kill Shots.
  • The Robots sequence that starts at 3.24 and slides into rapid-fire science fiction greatest hits.

It's just great, except now our whole day is ruined because we need to re-watch all of these films, immediately.

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