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Last year we saw disturbing Heroes spots, Alec Baldwin aliens and space buggies.


Perhaps it was due to the tough financial times, but 2010's Superbowl commercials traded in space rides for exceedingly tired Internet memes and screaming chickens. But there were still a few slightly shining moments of good scifi marketing. Plus, the excessive Lost references helped as well.

In this Bud Light commercial, Dr. Pierre Chang readies for the end of the world by throwing a lab-coat-stripping, telescope-straddling party. Come on now — we all know if this was really the end of the world, those scientists would be drinking Steven Seagal energy-drink cocktails. Still, hot geek make out sessions are always good. But we couldn't help but wonder, was Chang trying to tell us something? Is this some sort of Lost clue about the end of the world being inevitable, or a hint that the characters are all already dead — but not really? Sorry, we're just trained to do this, even when faced with thoughtless beer ads.

Jeffrey the robot is shamed in the lunch room. If I was his friend, I would have slapped that man right across his smarmy face, for making a robot cry.

Another Lost spoof but with a surprisingly pleasant dig at one particular brunette she-character, who insists on ruining everyone's beach party. Does everyone hate Kate, or am I just projecting?


Your favorite monster toys love stealing your cars and heading to Vegas. This kid has truly excellent taste in toy ware, and big ups for the robot doing the robot.

Harry Potter's Theme Park gets a commercial. Did you catch the fact that the dragon is actually a Batman-esque Six Flags style ride? Most amazing.


In the year 2020 Brett Favre still hasn't quit football, and can't stop shilling for commercials. Same old, same old, would have hoped we'd have flying cars by now.

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I want to work at the asteroid warning lab. I don't drink but it still looks like fun. And don't try to tell me that they don't party all the time.