For a story that's been nearly two years in the making, DC Comics' War of The Supermen isn't hanging around. The four-part series will begin and end its run in May, offering weekly updates from the front line.

War is the culmination of the "New Krypton" storyline that's been running in various DC Comics (including Superman, Action Comics, Supergirl, Superman: World of New Krypton and soon to include Adventure Comics, Outsiders and Last Days of New Krypton) since mid-2008, bringing survivors of Krypton's destruction into our galaxy, along with more than a little suspicion and paranoia from those on Earth and elsewhere. The tensions will finally spill over into intergalactic war on May 5th, with the first issue of the series - A catch-up is available on May 1st with War of The Supermen #0, one of DC's Free Comic Book Day giveaways - and continue weekly until May 26th's final issue. And if that seems fast, that's intentional, according to editor Matt Idelson:

The war between New Krypton and Earth has been the worst kept secret in comics the last several months. The number of mocking ‘Wouldn't a world of supermen defeat Earth in five minutes?' questions I've been assaulted with have undone years of therapy. Now, thank Freud, the time for secrets is over, as the two sides are finally going to war! And it's going to last a lot longer than five minutes–100, to be exact, told in 25 minute increments... Jokes aside, this 100 minute thing made us realize that spreading the story over several months would kind of deaden the impact of the timeframe device, not to mention starting the war a month after #0.


Not only will the series star the complete Superman family (Superman, Supergirl, Superboy and Steel), but the leaders of both planet's armies should be recognizable to most fans: From Earth, Sam Lane, Lois' alien-hating father, and from New Krypton, the man who's a big fan of kneeling, General Zod. All we have to do now is try and wait until May for it to begin.