Super Spoilery Jupiter Ascending Trailer Finally Explains The Plot

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This spoiler-filled trailer to the Wachowskis' long awaited Jupiter Ascending drama literally spells out the entire premise. And I'm still kind of confused. Earth is part of an industry? Whatever, Eddie Redmayne is fabulous.


The movie was originally going to premiere this year, but has been pushed back to Feb. 6th, 2015, and we cannot wait. This looks like cheese and spectacle with a big heaping of '90s "chosen one." Channing Tatum is a dog person and Mila Kunis is a resurrected princess, love it. And Redmayne, let's talk about Redmayne. He is playing some sort of Stargate-esque villain, and his voice is really over-the-top and dramatic. This is popcorn eating stuff right here.

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Annalee Newitz

It looks so wonderfully silly and amazing and cheesy and great. Just like the last two Wachowski movies. I know I'm going to love it, but I'm not sure about mainstream audiences ...