A guy living in a trailer park outside Detroit, Michigan, has been arrested for living quietly with the corpse of a dead woman for almost 7 months.

64-year-old Dennis McCauley had been sharing a trailer with 72-year-old Ann Marquis for the past three years. But earlier this week, he was arrested on several charges, ranging from mutilating a corpse to identify theft. According to the Ventura County Star:

"The officer noted a pungent smell of decay and observed a corpse in the room immediately to the right of the front door," Redford Township police Sgt. Kevin Crittenden said Friday. "He called us. The corpse had obviously been deceased for some time and was partially dried out."

"We know they lived together about three years," Crittenden said. "Based on witness statements and other statements it would appear Ann Marquis died sometime in November . . . When we found the body, the upper arm was separated from the right shoulder," Crittenden said, referring to the mutilation charge. The autopsy determined that separation occurred after Marquis died.


Fill in your own horror movie plot here.

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