Super Sad True Love Story Will Be A Super Weird TV Show

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Get ready to start checking out the "Fuckability" index of some seriously depressed TV characters. Gary Shteyngart's depressing, hilarious book Super Sad True Love Story is going to be a TV series — with Ben Stiller executive-producing, and directing a bunch of episodes.

This could be some pretty intense stuff if it gets on television intact. As we wrote in our review of the book, back in 2010:

Super Sad True Love Story is way better than a lot of the early reviews and publicity made it sound — it's a true apocalyptic story about the collapse of America, and it gives a really strong feel for what it would be like, for an ordinary shmoe, to live through the end of the United States. The story of Lenny Abramov's doomed love for Eunice Park is interwoven with the story of America's descent into fascism and economic ruin. The neurotic flow of Lenny's obsessions and his accounts of his work troubles and somewhat pathetic social life add texture and realism to the portrait of a society that's falling apart.


Apparently, Shteyngart himself is co-writing the TV show with Last Resort co-creator Karl Gadjusek, and it's produced by MRC, which also did House of Cards. So fingers crossed. [Deadline]

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