The Academy's shortlist for visual effects awards hit the web yesterday, and Sunshine isn't anywhere to be found. If you want to see why this is such a travesty, then head out and pick up a copy on DVD today. We know all of you didn't see it, and it flew under the radar for a lot of people out there, so we'll wait here patiently while you pick one up or add it to the old Netflix queue. Or you can click through to see our analysis of how special effects in the actual nominees compare to the stunning Sunshine.

What's more insulting is a glance at the list of other entrants on the list, which will soon be boiled down to the nominees:


  • Evan Almighty: seriously, a bunch of CGI animals? Giant waves? We're weeping, on the inside. Doctor Doolittle had some similar effects, from what we remember. We love Steve Carell, but not as Neo Noah.
  • The Bourne Ultimatum: sure Matt Damon kicked some butt, but other than that chase across the rooftops and a car chase or two, the vfx didn't blow our pants off.
  • The Golden Compass: this movie got lost in the wake from the Harry Potter yacht, and the effects looked impressive, and a bit too Narnia-esque.
  • I Am Legend: we'll tip our hat to this one, since those desolate shots of an empty Manhattan are simply gorgeous, and the hordes of infected were pretty scary as well. Especially that shot where they're all huddled together the in dark. Yikes.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End: This is what happens when you marry a really shoddy story that's full of holes with a ton of CGI. A mess that looks fake and is ultimate unsatisfying. Like a bowl of wax fruit.
  • Transformers: decent effects, like the drawn-out Optimus Prime transformation and some of the slow-motion fights, but in the heat of most of these robo-battles, it was hard to tell what was going on. Something we keep hearing about this flick.
  • 300: We wanted this to capture more of the spirit of the Frank Miller graphic novel, but simply copying scenes from it didn't work. Sure, Gerard Butler was great, but at times this felt a bit goofy. Still, we'll admit the effects were the film, and not badly done.


Nowhere is their any mention of Danny Boyle's brilliant sci fi film that manages to pay homage to 2001 and Alien, with a little bit of horror thrown into the mix. What's really amazing about the film is that through the usage of visual effects and sound, they literally make the Sun into a character all on its own. Like the relentless Eye of Sauron beating down on Mordor, Boyle's ball of gas punishes the main characters while demanding their respect, and in some cases, earning their love. And ours.

Sunshine, while you might not be the Academy's darling, you're certainly ours.