Sunday Caption Contest: Barack O. Meets Lion-O

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What exactly is going on in this bizarre tableau? Has Mumm-Ra joined al Qaeda? Has Snarf secretly been crashing in the Lincoln Bedroom? Is Obama appointing an ambassador to Thundera? You write the script, io9ers!


Look at the above picture. It's the leader of the world brandishing Lion-O's Sword of Omens! Why the hell is this happening? It's your mission to come up with a suitable quip or caption! There's no material prize for the best quote, but we will add the winner to this post on the morning of Tuesday, 3/30/10. I guess you could include a link to this in your curriculum vitae or something, but as it stands, the prize is pure bragging rights and the esteem of your fellow io9ers.

(And yes, I do realized this is 'shopped, but it's a cheeky remix of NYMag's "A History of Obama Feigning Interest in Mundane Things."]


[Bearsharktopus-Man via Super Punch]

UPDATE: 3/31/09

After much careful deliberation, here are the Top 5 captions. To everyone who contributed, you're all champions in our eyes. Except for those contestants who emailed us those horrific Rule 34-style photos. You ain't champions. No way.

5.) Dresan: "When interrupted for comment on how he plans defeat Republican forces come November 2010, Obama simply held up the Sword of Omens and with a puzzled look said: 'Bitch, please.'
The press conference fell silent afterward, and no one never interrupted him ever again."

4.) Fauxfilms: "You have to plunge it into Glenn Beck's heart before he talks. He cannot say a word or else it is too late."


3.) Postretro: "I'm going to look so bad ass at Bohemian Grove this weekend."

2.) Sarastro42005: "Mr. President, we're pleased to announce that this new alloy guarantees a permanent buff to manliness. Also, laboratory testing suggests it may even be capable of slaying a Palin."


1.) Demonbird: "So, how many cat people did you find at Roswell again?"

Congratulations to Demonbird and the rest of our winners! Salute them, digitally pat them on the trapezius, sing their praises from high very altitudes, and tell your great-grandchildren about what you witnessed this day. Good hustle, internet!


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I can't exactly say why, but I feel like using a 'shopped picture defeats the purpose of adding a humorous caption...