They don't make Terminators as tough as they used to, judging from how easily Summer Glau incapacitates one in this scene from last night's Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. But on the upside, she's a lot better at simulating human emotions than Arnie ever was. Or is it really all just a simulation? Look at the weird look she gets when she's staring at the electronic "soul" of the Terminator she's just deactivated. Or her weird interactions with the proto-robots elsewhere in the episode. And click through for a clip of Summer's Terminator in grief counseling.

A lot of last night's Sarah Connor episode felt like we were treading water, with the return of the chess guy, and the FBI guy doing his X-Files routine and Sarah's ex feeling conflicted. And the introduction of Brian Austin Green as John's uncle from the future felt like a step backwards. Most of all, Sarah didn't get to kick much ass last night at all. And let's not even talk about the boring chess metaphor.


But Summer's robo-girl continued to be awesome to watch. Her crazy-girl act on Firefly got super old, but she's great as an almost affectless killing machine. I would happily watch a show that was just Summer's Terminator navigating high-school angst. I don't even care that she doesn't look teenaged. I love scenes like this one, where she's being "counseled" on her feelings about the random blonde girl who killed herself a couple of episodes ago.

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