Summer Glau Is Pals With Her Giant Robot Co-Star In This Mockumentary

Summer Glau is in tons of science fiction shows and movies, but how does she interact with her non-human co-stars when the cameras stop rolling? The fun new web series Jeff 1000 follows a 10-foot tall robot actor who hangs out with Glau both at work and in their private time.


Wired's web series is partially a series of sketches about Jeff the robot's life as an actor, an partially a mockumentary that goes "behind the scenes" with the Jeff 1000 crew. The special effects, provided by the Stan Winston School and Legacy Effects, are spectacular, and it's neat to see Glau poke a little bit of fun at her own career. We recently spoke to Glau about the web series, and she hinted that we may be seeing a darker side of Jeff in the future.

In the first episode (embedded at the top), Summer invites Jeff to her ex's (David Arquette) art show. (Poor Jeff, he's a little overwhelmed by the experience.) In the second episode, Jeff faces off with his pet Pug:

And in the third, we see how Jeff takes notes on set:

Then there are the mockumentary episodes:

This one features a very jealous Arquette:

And this one hints at the true nature of Summer and Jeff's relationship:

More Jeff, please!

[via Boing Boing]



Not the Geoff robot I was hoping for.