Suicide Squad Fake: Will Smith Did Not Say He Hates Jared Leto (Though We’d Believe It)

credit: AP
credit: AP

Okay, yes, the set of Suicide Squad was host to a lot of dumb, weird, gross shenanigans. If you’ve been following accounts of Jared Leto’s descent into douchey method-bro madness to play the Joker, it might make sense that for Will Smith to say “I straight-up do not like that dude” and “He’s an ass.” But, contrary to a quote making the rounds this morning, the veteran under Deadshot’s mask didn’t utter any such thing.


A string of acidic hateration supposedly spoken by Will Smith has been making the social media rounds this morning, pinging with just enough truthiness to make it believable:

“I straight up do not like that dude. He’s an ass. On set we were all professionals except him. I had a cast party at my house and did not invite him cause I knew he’d like steal my family photos and eat them.”

“Dude threw a dead pig on our read through table. Dude was in character at 6am during breakfast, pissing in my oatmeal and shit. I can’t be more clear. I hate Jared Leto and his 30 Seconds To Mars Bullshit. I hate him and I wish he could just act and be normal and shut up.”

While it sounds like the kind of thing that might slip out during hundreds of rounds of promotion for the adaptation of the DC Comics supervillain team, several things should set off ye olde bullshit detector:

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Video games. Comic books. Blackness.


Accompanying himself on the 10 gallon plastic pickle tub

Of course it’s fake.
There’s no way on Earth that Will Smith knows what 30 Seconds to Mars is.