Sugary Game of Thrones dioramas sing a song of Peeps and Fire

It's Easter weekend, the time of year when people celebrate bunnies and chicks with plastic grass, colored sugar, and unnaturally shaped marshmallows. (Sorry, Passover-celebrating peeps; Peeps aren't kosher.) Food site epicurious has decided to pay tribute to the Peep in its own way, by illustrating scenes from the first season of Game of Thrones with neon edibles. Slight spoilers ahead, assuming one can be spoiled by Peeps.

In the spirit of Peeps diorama competitions everywhere, the epicurious staff has created six Game of Thrones scenes, starring those sugary creatures. I never thought that I would ever see incest rendered in Peeps form, but I suspect it simply fulfills one of those unwritten rules of the Internet. See the rest at epicurious.


A Peep Of Thrones [epicurious]

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