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Wondering what would make your friends impressed with your Halloween costume this year? The answer may be your own working Star Wars blaster... and luckily for you, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars to make that happen. All you need, apparently, is some PVC, an LED, and plenty of patience. With the emphasis on that last one.The instructions to constructing your own blaster seem simple enough, if you have the materials and wherewithal to do useful things with your hands - Me, I'm worried that I'd accidentally lose a finger while trying to cut the aluminum foil or something. Admittedly, you may need some experience to be able to understand things like this:

I tried driving both the bright red muzzle flash LEDs and the Laser diode directly from the output pin of the 555 chip, but it didn't seem to work once I added the second effect, so I chained together 3 NPN switching transistors (with diodes to the trigger legs) to use as outputs for the effects. Using the transistors to turn on the effects individually gave much more stable results. At this point you should set up the LED, laser, and sound module on a breadboard and test to see that they are being triggered properly.


...But at the same time, it's got to be worth the effort to end up with something like this:

Make an LED Blaster [Instructables]

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