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Sucks When Sorority Girls Move Into Monster Town

You've got this sweet pad under the cemetary, full of all your monstery friends, and then some human chick with makeup and haircare products tries to move in. Totally sucks. In this great torture-the-sorority-chick scene from Clive Barker's hellaciously awesome movie Nightbreed, a nice girl from the human world searches for her missing boyfriend in the demon ghetto below a cemetery called Midian. This movie has a special place in my heart, and not just for the sarcastic monster dialogue. First of all, it's Clive "Hellraiser" Barker, so the monsters are cool, sympathetic, and kind of sexy. I love when the monster sees our human girl and grumbles, "There goes the neighborhood!" Plus the bad guy is a serial killer psychiatrist played with campy calm by David Cronenberg — yes, the same Cronenberg who directed Scanners, The Fly, and A History of Violence. And frankly I'm just a sucker for the basic underlying plot of Nightbreed, which is that the monsters are a misunderstood minority who hide away from the cruel humans and form a grotesquely sweet, caring community under an old cemetery. Plus, I love that all the demons in this movie smoke. Where do they get cigarettes in their underground city? [Nightbreed via IMDB]


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Sorry, but this movie proved hands down that Barker needed to stick to writing and not directing.

Looked great, but the story was a incoherent patchwork mess, with some of the worst contrived dialogue coming out of cardboard characters that you gave not a whit about.

The stunt-casting of Cronenberg didn't help, either.