Stunning Hogwarts-themed dresses are high fashion magic

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Why don dress robes for a Hogwarts ball when you can dazzle your fellow witches and wizards with a showstopping gown? Costume designer Cavalyn exercises the Muggle magic of clothing design with these four gowns, each inspired by one of the Harry Potter Hogwarts houses.


Cavalyn, who is known as ~DistantDream on deviantART, used the house animals and characteristics as a launching point for each of her gowns. The Slytherin dress is sleek and rich with a serpentine pattern. The lion-fringed Gryffindor resembles an adventurer's traveling cloak. The Hufflepuff dress, with badger fur capped sleeves, is fashion-forward without being showy, while the Ravenclaw dress is dramatic with its feather-like fabric and unexpected geometry.

Given that Cavalyn sews as well as sketches dresses, perhaps we'll be seeing physical versions of her designs some time in the future. In the meantime, you can see larger versions of the individual dresses in addition to her other fashion designs at deviantART.


House Couture - Hogwarts [via The Gloss via Design You Trust]

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Ravenclaw's is a bit fancy but I like.

Hufflepuff doesn't do anything for me.

Gryffindor is s0-so. Love the hood (a good hood is sooooo hot.) but the not too sure about the rest of the dress.

Slytherin's is just plain hot.