Studying the Human Animal from a Zoological Perspective [NSFW]

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In 1994, the BBC aired a documentary titled The Human Animal, which examines human beings in the way a nature documentary would look at any animal, using zoological language and techniques to study and describe human anatomy and behavior.

In 1967, Desmond Morris wrote The Naked Ape, a book that described human beings in terms of their similarities with and differences from other apes. In The Human Animal, Morris travels all over the world to examine human culture and behavior, and look for commonalities, or at least common roots across the species. Part one is below (male and female nudity ahead) and the entire documentary is available on Google Video.

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[The Human Animal via Metafilter]

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Saw this years ago when it first aired. Totally changed my view of humanity, a real eye opener. Once you realize we are just a bunch of confused apes with to much free time everything else seems to fall into place.