Studio Mir's Potential New Animated Series Looks Like a Total Blast

Koji and Tako take the fight to some robot goons.
Gif: Koji (Studio Mir)

The animation studio that brought us both The Legend of Korra and, most recently, Voltron: Legendary Defender is looking to try something new for their next animated project—and so far it looks like it has the potential to be absolutely delightful.


With Voltron heading into its final days, the studio has been pitching a brand new animated series called Koji—and this week, they lifted the lid on it with a gorgeous new animated concept trailer. You’ll have to head on over to YouTube to actually see it, but here’s some of the concept art they’ve been teasing with its release:

Spearheaded by former Disney animator Alexander Snow—who will direct Koji if it’s picked up to series—the series follows the titular young boy with remarkable lightning powers, who crash lands on an alien world and befriends a talking cat named Tako. Soon enough, Koji and Tako find themselves confronting a sinister threat to all the life on their newly-shared home, and go on a quest to beat the mysterious Robot King and his mechanical hordes.

Koji has yet to be officially picked up for distribution yet, so there’s no guarantee it’ll actually come to fruition beyond this pitch video—but there’s enough promising stuff here, and some gorgeous-looking action, that we can only hope it does. Fingers crossed!


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Koji: “They’re not robots!”

Tako: “It’s a figure of speech Koji, they’re bureaucrats. I don’t respect them. Just keep shooting Koji, you have NO idea what prison is like here!”