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Studio Ghibli's When Marnie Was There Gets an English Trailer

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Studio Ghibli's last film for the foreseeable future was released last year in Japan. And now GKids has the US trailer for When Marnie Was There. It's exactly what you'd expect and fairly wonderful.


It's actually very similar to the Japanese trailer, which had the same song, but lacked any dialogue over it. Based on book by Joan G. Robinson, When Marnie Was There tells the story of Anna, who lives with foster parents, making friends with the mysterious Marnie and the family that moves into the nearby Marsh house where they met, the Lindsays. The English dub will have a limited theater run starting May 22nd.

[via First Showing]

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Looks interesting!

Also it looks like a bittersweet coming of age lesbian love story. Can't imagine it is but that would be amazing and I would give Ghibli all the money.