Studio Ghibli, creators of Totoro, tackle beloved miniature person epic "The Borrowers"

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Studio Ghibli, founded by beloved animator Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away, Ponyo), has just released this teaser for its adaptation of Mary Norton's classic novel The Borrowers. It's about miniature people who survive by "borrowing" food and shelter from oblivious families.


Slashfilm reports:

The film will mark the directorial debut of animator Hiromasa Yonebayashi, who will become the youngest person to direct a film for Ghibli. Studio founder Hayao Miyazaki oversaw the production.

It's a perfect story for a studio that's produced many fantastical children's stories that appeal to people of every age. And it's nice to see Miyazaki shepherding new talent to the screen at this stage in his long career.

via Slashfilm


If it's Studio Ghibli, I can't wait. They have done AMAZING stuff. I honestly do not know a film by them that I don't like a lot. Easily some of the greatest animated films of all times, and I'm quite sure this will just add another one to that list!