Structures with Unspecified Functions

This is what an M.C. Escher painting would look like if it became an architectural blueprint. On BLDG BLOG, Geoff Manaugh calls our attention to the work of Belgian photographer Flip Dujardin who creates fictional buildings out of photographs of real ones. We've got a couple more images below. Mark magazine calls Dujardin's structures "informal and often dilapidated structures with unspecified functions."


Manaugh calls these buildings "groves of architecture, weird islands of form, like the city as seen from a rail line: sheds and retaining walls, stained by rain, their bricks chipped away behind piles of rubbish, their corrugated steel repeating ever onward in infinite ridges."

Resampled Space [via BLDG BLOG] Thanks, Marilyn Terrell!

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