Yes, Sam Wilson is now carrying Steve Rogers' shield in not one but two new series from Marvel. Plus Django and Zorro team up-o! And the amazing Fred Van Lente begins an epic heist through time itself in Dark Horse's The Resurrectionists! All that and more in this week's comics!

New Issues

All New Captain America #1 (Marvel) β€” Carrying the moniker and shield of Steve Rogers, ex-Falcon Sam Wilson must fight the evil organization that has infiltrated the entire Marvel universe (Hydra, natch). Rick Remender (W), Stuart Immonen (A).


Archer & Armstrong: The One Percent #1 (Valiant) β€” After their victory over Occupy Wall Street, the secret cabal of the 1% reclaim their position at the top of the corporate ladder and the world. Ray Fawkes (W), Joe Eisma (A).

Army of Darkness #1992.1 (Dynamite) β€” Tales of Ash, archenemy of the Evil Dead, all set back in the golden age of '92. Steve Niles and various (W), Francisco Manna and various (A).


The Bigger Bang (IDW) β€” An immensely powerful being named Cosmos travels the universe, looking for a way to atone for the sin of his creation. D.J. Kirkbride (W), Vassilis Gogtzilas (A).

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #1 (Marvel) β€” The new Cap forms a team of Avengers whichSpider-Man tries to join, not knowing what the Superior Spidey did to certain Avengers in his name. Al Ewing (W), Luke Ross (A).

Deep State #1 (Boom) β€” John Harrow doesn't exist, but if he did he'd be the government operative who makes sure all conspiracy theories stay theories, and nothing more. Justin Jordan (W), Ariela Kristantina (A).


Django/Zorro #1 (Dynamite) β€” The elderly Diego de la Vega hires Django to be his bodyguard, the job quickly turns into something more epic. Quentin Tarantino and Matt Wagner (W), Esteve Polls (A).

Drifter #1 (Image) β€” A man fights to survive on a lawless planet at the edge of the universe. Ivan Brandon (W), Nic Klein (A).


Grindhouse: Drive In Bleed Out #1 (Dark Horse) β€” Featuring part one of "Slay Ride," a festively violent tale of supernatural holiday horror. Alex De Campi (W), R. M. Guera (A).

Hawd Tales #1 (Alternative) β€” Devin Flynn's twisted tale of an inner city project named Reynolds Flats moves from Vice Magazine to comic stores. Devin Flynn (W/A).

Kitchen #1 (DC) β€” In 1970s New York, the leaders of the Irish mob are arrested, but their wives decide to keep the family business running. Ollie Masters (W), Ming Doyle (A).


The Resurrectionists #1 (Dark Horse) β€” A thief discovers he has the power to remember his past lives, as well as return to them. Now he has to pull a heist 3,000 years in the making. Fred Van Lente (W), Maurizio Rosenzweig and Moreno DiNisio (A).

Spider-Verse #1 (Marvel) β€” Adventures of a variety of Spider-characters old and new, from the Hostess-shilling Spidey to Steampunk Spider-Woman! Various (W/A).


Superior Iron Man #1 (Marvel) β€” Tony Stark plans to turn San Francisco into the city of tomorrow… whether they're okay with that or now.

Collections and Graphic Novels

Amelia Cole and the Enemy Unleashed (IDW) β€” Amelia must protect the new world she calls home as the Omega Company fights to survive. Adam P. Knave and D.J. Kirkbride (W), Nick Brokenshire (A).


Batman Adventures (DC) β€” The first 10 issues of the comic based on the world of Batman: The Animated Series. Kelley Puckett and Martin Pasko (W), Ty Templeton and various (A).

Ichiro (HMH) β€” When his father is killed in the Iraq War, a teen moves to Tokyo with his Japanese mother, where a mystical experience changes his perceptions of family, mythology and the world. Ryan Inzana (W/A).


Judge Dredd: City Limits (IDW) β€” The first dozen issues of IDW's new Dredd ongoing. Duane Swierczynski (W), Nelson Daniel and various (A).

Luminae Vol. 1 (Magnetic Press) β€” Six warriors must protect a mysterious creature of light. Bengal (W/A).

Metallica: Nothing Else Matters (Overlook) β€” The graphic novel biography of the metal band from its humble thrash metal beginning to the Napster lawsuit. Jim McCarthy (W), Brian Williamson (A).


Silver Vol. 1 (Dark Planet) β€” The creator of The Iron Giant continues the tale of Dracula, as a con man of the 1930s tries to steal the metal most dangerous to vampires. Stephan Franck (W/A).

Strong Female Protagonist (Top Shelf) β€” A former teenage superhero puts down her cape to go to college and help the world more effectively, but her former life isn't so easily put behind. Brennan Lee Mulligan (W), Molly Ostertag (A).


Thaniel (Ossm) β€” A man is determined to destroy the one being who has taken everything from him β€” the Grim Reaper. Omar Spahi (W), Terry Huddleston (A).

The Wicked and the Divine Vol. 1: The Faust Act (Image) β€” Every 90 years, twelve people become gods, but only for two years of fame, power and hate. Kieron Gillen (W), Jamie McKelvie and Matthew Wilson (A).

Zenith: Phase One (2000AD) β€” In one of Grant Morrison's earliest superhero works, the last superhero on earth is more interested in girls and drugs than saving the world. Grant Morrison (W), Steve Yeowell (A).


As usual, here's the list of everything being released to comic stores tomorrow, and you can find your nearest comic retailer here.