Strobing UFO Shakes The City of Luque, Paraguay

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A UFO that zoomed over the city of Luque in Paraguay sounds very much like the strobing, disco-like UFOs in 1970s movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Check out the picture and judge for yourself.


Inexplicata reports that many people in the Luque area saw the object:

According to their story, the sighting involved a large object with several lights whose colors changed constantly.

Raul Torres explained that his sister informed him of the object's manifestation. He went outside for a look and realized that it was an object moving slowly across the skies, with lights that changed colors.

"It wasn't your ordinary star. It moved and then remained still," added Selva Torres. "Its bright flashes, and its colors, impressed us all. Many of us here were watching."


My preference is always for disco aliens, so I hope for the sake of our future that these ships were the real thing. Because I'm sick of those aliens who only listen to drone music.

via Inexplicata

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