While we may call them sea slugs, these diverse and colorful gastropods look like they've come from another planet, a place of brilliant oranges, greens, and blues, where even camouflage is beautiful.

These colorful, soft and shell-less nudibranchs are using camouflage to hide, but some of them are poisonous or use aposematic (warning) coloration to shock potential predators.

Chromodoris willani, found in the Western Pacific Ocean

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Halgerda batangas, with a network of orange lines, can be found in the tropical Western Pacific

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Armina semperi, lives in Indo-West Pacific

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Nembrotha kubaryana, with green stripes or green raised spots, occurs in the tropical Indo-West Pacific

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Chromodoris annae, found in the central area of the Indo-Pacific region

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Cuthona flavovulta

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Ceratosoma brevicaudatum, lives in the tropical waters of Western Australia, New South Wales and around Tasmania

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Jorunna funebris, occurs in the Red Sea and in the Indian Ocean

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Phyllodesmium longicirrum, a solar-powered (it has photosynthetic zooxanthellae) sea slug, known from the West Pacific

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Phyllodesmium iriomotense

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Hypselodoris kanga, distributed from the Western Indian Ocean to Hong Kong

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Chromodoris orientalis, from the Indo-West Pacific

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Bornella anguilla, lives in the waters of the Indo-West Pacific

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Phyllidia varicosa, lives in the Indo-West Pacific, Central Pacific and the Red Sea

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Glaucus atlanticus, also known as the sea swallow or blue dragon, can be found in the East and South Coast of South Africa, European waters and the east coast of Australia and Mozambique

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Chromodoris reticulatus, a sea slug with a detachable penis

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Cuthona yamasui, lives in the waters of Indo-West Pacific

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Thecacera pacifica, lives in the waters of Western Pacific and Indian Ocean

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Flabellina exoptata, lives in the Indo-West Pacific

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Miamira sinuata, lives in the Indo-Pacific

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Pteraeolidia ianthina, also known as the blue dragon, found in the Western Pacific Ocean and in the Red Sea

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