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Stretch Armstrong Still Getting Made? Really?

Hollywood is still going forward with Brian Grazer's ridiculous Stretch Armstrong movie. The release date for this epic about a superhero who can bend into anything (and fights crabs) is April 15, 2011. The new onslaught of movies that are obviously just ploys to sell crap to children — like the Monopoly movie and the Candyland picture — is just distressing. At least Stretch has a personality. Grazer revealed in a press release that, "Stretch Armstrong is a character I have wanted to see on screen for a long time. He's an unconventional kind of super hero with a power that no one would want. It's a story about a guy stretching - if you will - the limits of what is possible to become all that he can be." And... I'm going to use the money from Hasbro to build a flying house, which I will later set on fire. [IESB]


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At this rate I'm genuinely surprised nobody's tried to revive ALF as an action-comedy with Will Ferrell voicing a CGI version of that cat-eating...thing.