No Surprise, Stranger Things Renewed for Third Season

Image: Netflix
Image: Netflix

In a move that surprises no one, either here or in the Upside Down, Netflix has announced that Stranger Things will get a third season.


Netflix announced the renewal on Twitter, confirming that we’ll be revisiting Eleven and the Gang, as well as the series’ new big bad, the Mind Flayer. They added that there’s no release date scheduled, although it seems likely it’ll be sometime in fall 2018.


It’s no shock that Netflix will be returning to Hawkins, Indiana, the site of one of the online network’s biggest shows. Not only did almost 16-million people watch the season 2 premiere within the first three days of its launch, but the series garnered 18 Emmy nominations last year (taking home five). But it’s still great to have the next season set in stone, even if we know very little about where it’s headed. As of now, all we know is that next season will have a time jump, like the previous one, to account for the kids aging.

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All hail King Steve! And that beautiful face that seems contractually obligated to get beat up every season!

Just needs Mike to be not a jerk to Mad Max and some justice for Benny, and I’m good