Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown to Star in Godzilla 2

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Watching Stranger Things, it was pretty obvious big things were in store for Millie Bobby Brown. But no one could have guessed it would be this big. Like, hundreds-of-stories big.

The actress just closed a deal to star in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, the sequel to 2014's Godzilla reboot, which was directed by Rogue One’s Gareth Edwards. Edwards was originally going to helm this film too, but dropped out last year. Now Michael Dougherty (Krampus) is helming the film, which will tie into this year’s Kong: Skull Island leading up to Kong Vs. Godzilla.

There’s no word who Brown will be playing, but considering she’s the first cast member revealed, chances are she’s one of the leads. She’s currently reprising her role as Eleven in the second season of Stranger Things, which will hit Netflix later this year.


Godzilla: King of the Monsters opens March 22, 2019.

Entertainment Reporter for io9/Gizmodo

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Anybody else think she looks a lot like a young Carrie Fisher?