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It turns out that some of those lengthy analyses of the Stranger Things season two episode names might not have been for shit. As it turns out, the Duffy Brothers have hoarded some of the “real” chapter titles, because they don’t want you spoiling everything.


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Matt Duffer shared some details about the chapter titles for the next season of Stranger Things, which were released in a short teaser video when the season was announced last August. Duffer said that the episode titles do relate to the season’s plotline, but in some cases, they don’t tell the whole story. That’s because they were afraid fans would pull a Westworld and figure out the entire season’s storyline months before the show aired.


“Some of them are changing,” Matt Duffer said. “Some of them we didn’t put because these people are smart on the fucking internet. You’ve seen it with Westworld —they figured it out!”

Duffer said the Stranger Things team actually consulted with the producers of Game of Thrones in order to come up with security protocols for the second season. These included giving the show and all the actors code names, to ensure that nothing would get leaked. Duffer added that he’s seen some of the videos that analyzed the chapter titles and, for the most part, they’re on the right track. Of course, they’re probably missing a few key ingredients, and it’s likely new revelations will come out with the real episode titles.

We most likely won’t see those titles until Stranger Things season two debuts on Halloween. However, it looks like they’ll be in good hands, as Finding Dory director Andrew Stanton has signed on to helm episodes 5 and 6, tentatively titled “The Storm” and “The Pollywog”—the latter of which features Patton Oswalt.

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Update: Added Andrew Stanton’s announced behind-the-scenes role, as well as security protocol details.


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