Strangely appealing t-shirts for brainiacs

In June I had a chance to visit Vancouver's famous night market, a summertime tradition the Chinese-Canadian community has imported from Hong Kong. There you can buy everything from crispy "potato tornados" and bubble drinks, to incredible handmade t-shirts. And the coolest shirts I saw were from local t-shirt designer Thinkhead. Lucky for you, Thinkhead creator Peter has now put some of his wares online. Check out the mania.

Here are some of the nerdy and satisfyingly inexplicable designs from Thinkhead - there are even more where these came from, so hopefully Peter will get those up on his site soon. For now, you can pick one up for $25 Canadian on the Thinkhead site.


Food for thought. Because of course you always wanted your brain to look like a Pac Man.

Steal chicken. This mysterious and wonderful shirt could mean almost anything. "Is he sneaking around and actually stealing a chicken?" I asked Peter. "Yeah," he said. "And he's feeling a little bad about it." I suppose you could also read this as an exhortation, like "go steal a chicken." No matter how you interpret it, this is one cute chunk of weirdness for your chest.


Think outside the box. Or, this is your brain on arrows.


Smart pocket. Love this variation on the nerd pocket tee.

You can learn more, and buy these tees, at Thinkhead.


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