A roof is the perfect place to build a house — you've got a view, and often you're hidden from the street. Here are pictures of some of the craziest and most astonishing rooftop homes around the world.

Twenty-five villas on top of a shopping center in Hengyang, China, August 2013.

Photo by Color China Photo/AP.

A little red Victorian house on top of the Penfield Manufacturing Company's factory in Syracuse, New York

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Didden Village in Rotterdam, Netherlands, by MVRDV, 2002-2006

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The prefabricated LoftCube, designed by Werner Aisslinger in 2003, available for $60,000

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Three little houses, eight stories above Broadway atop a hundred-year-old apartment building, 2008

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A clapboard house with brick chimney on top of a 4-story apartment building, New York City, 2009

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A Penthouse on an Art Deco building in Bondi, Australia, by MHNDUNION, 2010


A rooftop in New York City by Acheson Doyle Partners Architects

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Four villas on a five-story shopping mall in Zhuzhou, China, 2012

Every single square foot is marketable in China's second largest city, even it is atop a shopping mall.

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A faux-mountaintop villa on the top of a 26-story building in Beijing, China, 2013

A Chinese doctor named Zhang Biqing has just spent the last six years constructing this $2.4 million (illegally built) villa, but the 10,000 square foot complex is now slated for demolition.

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The Trailer Park of Grand Daddy Hotel with Airstream trailers on the roof in Cape Town, South Africa

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Illegal rooftop structures in Hong Kong

These sheet-metal shacks (range between 100 and 300 square feet) were extremely cheap, the rent was only HK$1000-2000 instead of HK$28,000 for a 218 square feet one.

(Photos by Rufina Wu & Stefan Canham: "Portraits from Above", via TheFunAmbulist and Lumenvisium)

A pink house on Eight Avenue in Chelsa, New York City

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Fallen Star, a miniature house of Do Ho Suh on top of a seven-story building of University of California in San Diego, 2011

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Bonus: House Attack, by Erwin Wurm at the Museum Moderner Kunst (MuMoK) in Vienna, Austria, 2006

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