Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

Spoilers exist in a world of limitless possibility. When you read writer J. Michael Straczynski's explanation of how he and director Marc Forster plan to adapt the novel World War Z, you can just about imagine it. And when Eliza Dushku explains just how out-there some of her new personalities will be in Joss Whedon's Dollhouse, your mind opens like a flower's petals. A new Lost promo poster hints at all sorts of interesting twists (and so does our exclusive set report). There's also tantalizing spoilage on the Denzel Washington-starring Book Of Eli. There are minds-eye-opening spoilers for Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Smallville, Wonder Woman and Torchwood. Let the spoilers open a world of forbidden imagination!

World War Z:

How will the movie version of this instant classic book adapt its structure? Writer J. Michael Straczynski explains:

The fictional concept of the book is that its written by someone with the UN, so let’s tell that story. Let’s show the book being written. We follow this guy all over the world as he goes on these interviews, and he has his own personal story as well. You’re cutting between the past and the present, how he got to this point.

It has that international feel to it, and because it goes backward and forward in time, we can cherry-pick our favorite moments in the book. Some of it is crazy in scale. It’s huge. It’s as political as the book was. And it ends with that book being completed.


He sees the book as a Bourne-style thriller, with a massive scale. One planned sequence is set in India, with hundreds of boats trying to escape a tidal wave of zombies. [MTV]

The Book Of Eli:

Ray Stevenson, who costars in this movie with Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman, says he helps Oldman's character to chase Eli (Washington). And it's a surreal post-apocalyptic setting, where at one point you think it's snowing and then you realize it's still ash falling from the skies. (Like in that one Doctor Who episode.) And the survivors are fighting over, not oil or soil, but pure water, which is the most precious commodity. [Sci Fi Wire]


The Spirit:

Here's a new TV spot.


Eliza Dushku gave away some plot details for upcoming episodes of Joss Whedon's mindwiped vessels-for-hire show. "Last episode, they surgically implant cameras into my eyeballs and send me into a cult compound as a blind woman. I was playing this tripped-out blind woman. Then I'm playing a 50-something-year-old woman in my own body in this next episode." She also gets to do a six-page Muay Thai fight scene where she kicks a six-foot-five-inch man's ass. Also, the difference between Joss' original pilot and the new version is that the original was more film noir, and the new version is more straight-up action. [Sci Fi Wire]


Also, in episode 10, "Four Engagements," we'll meet Ramirez, a tough-as-nails Latina who's a handler in the Dollhouse. [Whedon.Info]

Battlestar Galactica:

It may be clutching at straws, but one fan scanning the list of props and costumes for auction noticed it said the "final five" robes had been worn by Foster, Anders, Tigh and Tyrol. Whereas in the actual episode, they were worn by extras. So maybe we get another scene of the final five wearing those robes? [TriniRoslin]



More about that Dharma shooting we mentioned yesterday that includes the Oceanic Six and Sawyer. An eagle-eyed reader writes to us:

I live on the North Shore, where they shoot Lost. On a hike today near the ocean I saw a scene with Hurley standing around in dark clothes while a blue and white VW bus came buzzing up and stopped by him. An hour later when I was on my way back, I saw that Sawyer (i'm pretty sure) had joined the scene. There were two or three extra blue and white VWs on standby out of scene and the one I saw up close had the Dharma logo on its front.


And here's an ultra-glam new cast portrait for season five. Note the lack of Daniel Dae Kim, the decor blending the island with the city, and the Dharma pop bottles. [The ODI]

Remember that video I mentioned the other day, debunking the myth of the Oceanic Six? It's an extra on the season four DVD, and it seems to hint that the O6 will be under more scrutiny from the public in season five. Here it is. [Doc Arzt]



Liz May Brice plays Johnson, a mysterious government agent who wants to expose the existence of Torchwood — and aliens — to the public. She has the gunslinging skills of a crack commando and the allure of Lara Croft, apparently. I'm just guessing she ends up joining the team. Just a thought. [SyFyPortal]



D.H. Lawrence will be appearing on Heroes! Well, not exactly. Actually, David H. Lawrence, who plays that puppeteer guy Eric Doyle, will be in a couple of episodes around episode 17. Almost as good as a zombie porno literary writer guy, right? [The ODI]

Here's a sneak peek from Monday's episode.



Alaina Huffman (Black Canary) thinks it's the last season, and we're going to get a "big payoff" in the becoming-Superman department. And there may be more development of the Black Canary-Green Arrow love connection, and more of the Justice League. [OSCK]

Star Wars: Clone Wars:

Here's another pic from Friday's episode, in which "Padawan Ahsoka Tano and Jedi Master Luminara Unduli discuss methods of dealing with their uncooperative prisoner." The comfy chair!! [Warner Bros.]


Wonder Woman:

Here are a few more pics from the WW animated DVD, including Hades and Wondy looking sad. [Warner Bros.]