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Stormy Weather Is A Good Omen For Launch Day

Illustration for article titled Stormy Weather Is A Good Omen For Launch Day

Plus, it always provides a spectacular show — both for anyone watching from the cliffside towns and the passengers inside the ship. One of many stunning science fiction wallpapers from concept artist Tobias Roetsch.


GTGraphics, Roetsch's collaborative project with fellow artist Jeff Michelmann, just launched a brand new site, and it is packed with gorgeous wallpapers. If you've been looking to dress up your desktop, I recommend heading over there. Many of the images, including "Daylight," the piece up top, are available in a wide range of sizes.

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I'm embarrassed. This looked like a castle centered by a storm to me. The ignition blast looked more like a lighted main entrance. I'm not very observant sometimes.

Its a great piece of artwork though.