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Storm, Elektra, and Wonder Woman get body-painted for Rio de Janeiro's Carnaval (NSFW)

For the Cubango samba school parade for Rio's 2011 Carnaval, several nice young ladies donned painted-on superheroine outfits...which is more or less how they look in the comics. I also love how Elektra's music in this segment is the theme song to Electra Woman and Dyna Girl and Storm's theme is from Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

You can watch more shameless cheesecake — including a body-painted Spiderwoman and She-Ra — over at Globo (sign-in required).

[Spotted on Bleeding Cool]

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Huh. I just came back from my local european carneval parade... Unfortunatly the Blues Brothers where the coolest nerd costume I saw (Then, European Carnival tends to be a little bit too cold for body paiting, I'm afraid..... not much samba either ;) )

Oh, yes, and I was Darth Vader. But I didn't - see that, so more fun for the others ;) )